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A New Kind of Armour (The God Hephaestus) Athena's Bad Habit II Awaiting the Mission (The God Hermes) Baile Brujo Blue Graffiti Boxing Roses Care Girl #9 Cherish Communication Choices Dark Circus: The Trick Rider Derby Boys E City Pinup #2 Escape Plan Flight Woes Flower Sight Form Before Feast Form Before Feast Form Before Feast Blue Form Before Feast Red Gossip on the Red Sofa Happiness Happy Satyr Heart in Highland Iron Maiden Love & Lust (sketch) Lyre, Liar Mera Mod Mood Mother's Big Thinker Muscle & Might Muses Nectar Strut Nectar Strut #3 Of Weight and Water (The God Poseidon) Pink Gloves Plot Ponderance Quest Boys Recline Red Target Reflective Runty Boxer #2 Sirens of the Sea Spirited Strike Big The Arrangement The Blue Derby The Blue Dress The Boxer The Cocksure Dandy The Eyes of Argos The Gaze of Temptation (The God Apollo) The Graduate of Dandy U The Green Apple The Huntress The Imperfect Venus The Light and the Sun The Oracle of Manhood (The God Zeus) The Peaceable Kingdom The Pursuit of Love & Lust (The Nymph Daphne) The Searcher The Sting of Love (The God Eros) The Three Amigos Thief of the Moon Tribal Games Up for Air (The God Hades) Varied States of Dandy Dress Vintage Sisters Vital Virtue (The God Zeus) War Planes of Love (The God Mars) West Side