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A New Medusa Beehive Big Green Converse Big Sunny Black Cat & Daisies Black Cat Blue Green Black Cat Red Blue Dahlia Blue Otter Blue Squawk Blue Succulents Blue Succulents 2 Bluebirds Bright Bee Bright Buffalo Hill Bright Bunny Hill Bright Calla Bright Tie Burger & Dough Cat and Cactus Coneflower Daisies Fauve Black Cat Fauve Corn #1 Fauve Corn #2 Fauve Flowers Fauve Gray Cat Firebrands Freesia Green Converse Hollyhocks Liatris Otter & Ice Cream Otter Mini Otter w Green Glove Pears Playboy Poppies Poppy 3 Recline Roller Skate Small Sunny Sunflowers The Forest Three Amigos Tiny Doughnut Tiny Succulent Tiny Succulent B&W Tiny Underwear Tutu Bunny Velma Wallflowers Walter Yellow Poppies